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  1. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Get ready to battle over the new light side Territory Battle on Geonosis, Republic Offensive!

    This difficult event will be available for preview in game next week and starting in early December, you'll need a mix of light side characters such as Jedi, Clones or Galactic Republic characters to defeat the waves of Separatist droids and Geonosians. Just like with Hoth, your guild will battle from right to left crushing the Separatist army in exciting new special missions, unique fleet battles while facing off against the terrifying Reek and Nexu. We have also created a variety of new granted abilities for each phase to help you shutdown the Separatists defenses. The light side version of this event will feature difficult missions with iconic Republic characters such as General Anakin Skywalker, and General Kenobi.

    There are new units that can be earned from special missions and from the currency earned from the event, along with plenty of new PvE units to really make this planetary battle one-of-a-kind. If you have been listening to podcasts from our community members or have been paying attention to the forums, you may already have an idea of who will be joining the holotables soon...

    We've got much more to share as we approach the launch of this exciting new event so stay tuned to the forums.

  2. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We have an update today that contains a fix for the disappearing buttons issue. We will start rolling out the client fix shortly and will be available sometime over the next 24 hours. We will require you to update your client tomorrow (or the next day depending how the roll out goes) and ensure all players receive the missing buttons fix. You will be able to download the update manually in the Google Play app store in a few hours if you want to download the fix in advance. This will also be available on the iOS app store later this afternoon.

    We had an inbox message this morning set live this morning prematurely that mentions the return of the character requirements for Separatist Might as this issue was resolved. Apologies for the confusion, this was intended to go out later today with the update.
  3. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We found a few more timing issues last night and are planning on an update this afternoon to address the Grand Arena Championship feat "Execution Squad" and a few other feats. This change will occur prior to the start of the event and will make the feat available during the event. Stay tuned for the Update Notes later today.
  4. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We are aware that some Guilds are reporting that they are not receiving the correct number of Wat Tambor shards when completing the special missions in the Geonosian Territory Battle. We are investigating and looking into what could be causing such a problem. I've added this issue to the Dev Tracker and I will keep the status updated there but I will also post on the forums if there are any major updates.

    We are also investigating the GAC feat, "Execution Squad." There appears to be an issue with duration of the event and is not possible to be completed. I will update this thread when we know more.

    Update: We are working on deploying a hotfix this evening to address the GAC feat timer
    Update #2: We need additional time for testing the changes. The hotfix should be ready for a release tomorrow
  5. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We will be making some changes to the November calendar in an Update later today. The next Dark side Territory Battle and 2 Territory Wars will have their dates changed. These changes have been added to the November Calendar post here.
    • DS Territory Battle added - 11/18
    • Territory War 99 moved - 11/24 (Attack Phase starts on 11/26)
    • Territory War 100 moved - 11/28 (Attack Phase starts on 11/30)
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