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  1. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We have finalized the changes to the Challenge Tier of The Pit raid scheduled to be released in the coming weeks. Our main objective with these modifications is to maintain which Guilds can complete this event while removing the headache of coordinating the majority of Guild members over a very narrow period of time (and reduce the stress for Guild officers!) Second, we want to expand the accessibility of the Challenge Tier within the Guilds completing it. Guild members should be able to participate in this raid regardless of real life factors like time zone, Discord usage, and device ownership. And third, these changes are also aimed at preventing characters like Supreme Leader Kylo Ren from soloing phases of the raid.

    With those objectives in mind, we are changing the stacking Speed and Offense that persisted between runs to only impact the current battle and adjusting the amount and rate at which these stacks start building up. While the changes can make large runs harder, your overall guild progress should be roughly the same but without needing the heavy coordination.

    While we may in the future design game modes that require deeper levels of coordination, we recognize the original version of the The Pit Challenge Tier raid did not accomplish this in a way that was as fun for many Guilds. We will continue to monitor the impact of these changes and take your feedback into close consideration. There will be an announcement on the release date for these changes several days in advance in order to help Guilds coordinate when to launch their raids.

    Red will be removed and Green will be added to Pit Fighter 2 description in a future update.

    Pit Fighter 2
    This unit has +50% Tenacity while it isn't Toppled and is immune to Turn Meter Reduction effects.
    For every 20% of its Health lost, this unit gains 75% Offense and Speed (stacking). For each 2% Health lost this battle, this unit gains 20% Offense and Speed (stacking). These bonuses increase by an additional 20% each time.

    NOTE: These bonuses work similarly to Enfys Nest’s Unique, Fighting Instinct, and will increase by 20%, then increase by 40%, 60%, and so on for this battle only.

    At the start of each of its turns, this unit gains 50 Armor Penetration and 10% Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Potency (stacking) and all enemies both active and defeated lose 5% Offense, Tenacity, and Mastery (stacking) until end of encounter, tripled for Galactic Legends. (stacking, max 10 stacks) until end of encounter.

    Old Pit Fighter 2
    This unit has +50% Tenacity while it isn't Toppled and is immune to Turn Meter Reduction effects.
    For every 20% of its Health lost, this unit gains 75% Offense and Speed (stacking).

    At the start of each of its turns, this unit gains 50 Armor Penetration and 10% Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Potency (stacking) and all enemies both active and defeated lose 5% Offense, Tenacity, and Mastery (stacking) until end of encounter, tripled for Galactic Legends.

    New Pit Fighter 2
    This unit has +50% Tenacity while it isn't Toppled and is immune to Turn Meter reduction effects.
    For each 2% Health lost this battle, this unit gains 20% Offense and Speed (stacking). These bonuses increase by an additional 20% each time.

    At the start of each of its turns, this unit gains 50 Armor Penetration and 10% Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Potency (stacking) and all enemies both active and defeated lose 5% Offense, Tenacity, and Mastery (stacking, max 10 stacks) until end of encounter.

  2. [ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]


    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    The Dark Trooper, Moff Gideon’s menacing enforcer, is making its way to the Holotables! The foreboding and unrelenting droid trooper keeps the most skilled warrior’s hands full as it will stop at nothing to defeat its enemies and bring glory to the Empire.

    Dark Trooper will usher in the new “Imperial Remnant” faction tag and bring the new Dark Trooper Squad buff to the holotables, which mimics the squad-based deployment seen in The Mandalorian. Dark Trooper can also dole out Advantage, Turn Meter and Offense Up to allies while giving itself increased Defense for more survivability during the fight.

    Alongside Dark Trooper, Moff Gideon, Death Trooper and Stormtrooper will be given the “Imperial Remnant” tag, with the latter two receiving kit touch-ups to make them even more powerful within their new faction.

    Add Dark Trooper to your roster via the all new Dark Trooper Marquee Event!

    The Basics:
    • Dark Trooper is a resilient attacker for the Imperial Trooper or new Imperial Remnant squad.
    • Dark Trooper comes in groups of 4 and many abilities apply different effects depending on how many stacks of Dark Trooper Squad you currently have.
    • Its Basic, Pneumatic Punch, can’t critically hit unless Dark Trooper has Advantage. At 4 stacks, the ability lands 4 times hitting very hard even without critical hits.
    • Dark Trooper will start the battle with 25% of its Max Health and Max Protection, but has 4 stacks of Dark Trooper Squad.
      • Each time a Dark Trooper would be defeated, if it has more than 1 stack of Dark Trooper Squad, another Dark Trooper will take its place. This means with the 4 stacks the Dark Trooper Squad, Dark Trooper essentially has 100% of the unit’s Max Health and Max Protection.
      • Dark Trooper also can’t be critically hit and can be very tough to take down.

    Unique Attributes:
    • Dark Trooper has stacks very similar to the B1 Battle Droid, but instead of a single point of Health and no Protection, you have a portion of the unit’s Max Health and Protection that you can heal and reinforce over the course of the battle.
    • His Basic, Pneumatic Punch, deals damage for each stack of Dark Trooper Squad.
    • Special 1, Bombarding Reinforcements, will grant Advantage to all Imperial Remnant allies if Dark Trooper Squad is at 3 or 4 stacks and makes Pneumatic Punch even deadlier.
      • If you are at 1 or 2 stacks of Dark Trooper Squad when you use Special 1 then you will not get Advantage but gain one stack of Dark Trooper Squad.
    • While Dark Trooper Squad prevents Dark Trooper from being revived, it can’t be quickly annihilated if it is over 1 stack (Dark Trooper just loses 1 stack instead)

    • The 4 sized squad was based off Episode 14, The Tragedy, of The Mandalorian when the Dark Troopers are deployed for the very first time.
    • Obviously Pneumatic Punch was our attempt at recreating the scene where the Dark Trooper attempts to make The Mandalorian’s head become one with the wall.
    • Special 2, Perfect Soldiers, is referencing Moff Gideon’s bravado about how these third phase Dark Troopers will perform - "You're about to face off with the dark troopers. You had your hands full with one. Let's see how well you do against a platoon."
    Strategy Tips:
    • Dark Trooper is designed to be used with the new Imperial Remnant squad.
    • Dark Trooper is a droid in addition to an Imperial Trooper and players can experiment using him in some droids focused Squads.
    • Your main goal is to keep up stacks of Dark Trooper Squad to ensure your basic hits hard.
    • Range Trooper will randomly have an Imperial Trooper assist, and is very strong if it targets Dark Trooper - Stand back and watch the fireworks!

    • The Imperial Remnant tag has been added to Moff Gideon, Stormtrooper, and Death Trooper.
    • Stormtrooper’s Unique, Wall of Stormtroopers (Zeta), has been updated to provide Bonus Protection to all Imperial Remnant allies at the start of his turns. (And remember, Stormtrooper is an Imperial Remnant ally of himself)
    • Death Trooper will now attack two times with his basic when there is an Imperial Remnant unit in the leader slot like Moff Gideon.
      • Basic - Track Down: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 70% chance to inflict Daze for 3 turns. If the target was already Dazed, Stun them for 1 turn. If the target is a Rebel or the unit in the Ally Leader Slot is Imperial Remnant attack a second time.
    • Removing a stack of Dark Trooper Squad does not count as defeating an enemy, only removing the last stack counts as eliminating the unit.
  3. Itching for more details on Conquest? Check out these Galaxy of Heroes players who got an early peak at the new game mode.

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  4. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for March 2021.

    Daily Login Character for March: Phantom II Blueprints
  5. image

    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We’ve got some additional details and clarifications on the upcoming game mode, Conquest. We’re in the midst of putting the final touches on it and we intend to release the update that includes Conquest this week, and start the exhibition event on March 1st.
    Conquest Exhibition

    To kick things off, we’re going to launch Conquest as Exhibition events - for at least the first two events - but potentially more as needed. Conquest is a deep, intricate mode with lots of tuning knobs and levers. We’ve been playtesting the feature over the last few months and feel it’s in a good spot. That said, similar to the way we made adjustments to Galactic Challenges (event cadence, difficulty, feats, rewards, etc), you can expect that as we listen to your feedback and assess performance data, we’ll make similar adjustments to Conquest over time. The first few months will likely feature the greatest volume of changes, and then we expect the changes to taper off as the mode settles into the system.

    IMPORTANT: While our tentative plan is that Conquest events will run once per month as a two week event with approximately two weeks off in between, during the Exhibition period we will be running the initial Exhibition events back to back with only a short period in between to gather data more quickly. Please note that the Exhibition events feature our intended post-Exhibition rewards, so the initial period will have extra rewards-per-month coming your way.

    Some of the aspects we potentially will make adjustments to include (but are not limited to):
    • Event Length - Currently 2 weeks
    • Event Frequency - Currently once per month starting on the 1st of the month (outside of the exhibition)
    • Energy cost per node
    • Energy refresh rate
    • Stamina refresh rate
    • Difficulty Tuning
    • Rewards (both the immediate milestone rewards and the end-of-event crate contents)

    All of that said, Conquest has been built with a tremendous amount of flexibility for us to create new types of events - so you can expect to see new modifiers, new feats, different bosses, more exclusive reward units - and much more as time goes on.

    Normal vs Hard mode and Difficulty Tuning
    We’re launching Conquest with two different difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. All players must complete the event on the Normal difficulty before moving on to Hard. You might be asking “Why do I have to complete Normal first?,” and we did that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is a complicated new system that may take some time for players to figure out how to manage their strategy and resources, and we didn’t want players committing to Hard and then getting stuck right away and not being able to play for the next two weeks.

    Conquest does feature a scaling difficulty curve, so it’s likely that players will peak out at different points throughout the course of an event (and then make more progress as you continue to invest in your collection and improve your strategy from event to event), and depending on their collection, many players will certainly reach their point of furthest progress during Normal without being able to complete the entire event. To be clear, not everyone is expected to complete the entirety of the event right out the gate - this is an event you will continue to make progress in over time.

    One of the other considerations we had was deciding how much information to expose before you commit to a difficulty level and how much time you’d have to spend trying to assess which difficulty level to choose. Before you commit to a difficulty level, you are able to see a list of the Sectors and the Boss battle that you’ll face. (Note: this Boss battle is the same for all players for a given Sector and Difficulty level.) You will be able to tap on the info button on the Sector list to view the Boss battle squad, as well as some high-level information about the enemies you’ll face in that sector.

    While this data is subject to change prior to release, here’s how we’re currently tuning the different difficulty levels (Gear/Relic Tier + additional stats to take into account Data Disks, etc.):

    • Required GP: 0+
    • Recommended GP: 2,000,000+
    • Enemy Tuning by Sector
      • Sector 1 - G12
      • Sector 2 - G13
      • Sector 3 - R1
      • Sector 4 - R2
      • Sector 5 - R3

    • Required GP: 4,000,000+
    • Recommended GP: 5,000,000+
    • Enemy Tuning by Sector:
      • Sector 1 - R4
      • Sector 2 - R5
      • Sector 3 - R6
      • Sector 4 - R7
      • Sector 5 - R8

    Data Disks And Consumables

    One part of Conquest that’s received a lot of interest is the new Data Disks system. Data Disks provide your squads with a variety of different bonuses throughout the event. These Data Disks can be equipped depending on which ones you want to use with your squad or swapped out for a small amount of currency.

    Once equipped, Data Disks are active for all future battles in Conquest and are not used up. There is a Data Capacity that limits the number of Data Disks you can have active at one time. The diamond icon at the bottom of each Data Disk represents the number of Capacity it will take up and ranges from 1-4 at the moment.

    These can provide some significant bonuses to your team, so strategizing around their abilities will be important to your success in Conquest. Here’s are some of the Data Disks that will be available initially:
    While Data Disks provide permanent bonuses to your squads for the duration of the event, Consumables can give you a temporary boost to help you defeat a difficult battle. There are 3 types of Consumables - Boosters, Medpacs and Techs. One of each can be activated at a time and typically last for 2 to 4 battles. These Consumables can be purchased with Conquest Currency or Crystals from the Conquest Store and from the Scavenger store.

    Note: Consumables, Data Disks are reset after each event, but Conquest Currency will remain for you to use on the next event. Conquest Currency has a cap of 3,500.

    That’s all we have to share for today. We are excited to see players finally get their hands on Conquest Exhibition soon and start gathering your feedback.

    See you on the Holotables!

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