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  1. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for April.

    Daily Login Character for April: IG-88

    NOTE: Many legendary/journey events were changed from a monthly cadence to run all the time and will no longer be included in the monthly calendar.
    Read this post for more information.

  2. Hi folks,

    We hope you are staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. These are exceptional times where most of us are experiencing some disruption in our lives and are potentially spending more time in our homes. Our studio has taken the precaution of moving the team to working from home but we do not expect this to significantly impact our release schedules.

    The team will continue our same focus on Galaxy of Heroes (albeit now remotely) and coordinate releases as usual. We know many of you have some additional time on your hands and we are looking into doing something fun to help fill your time at home.

    For your own health and safety, we encourage you to review the WHO's advice for the public.

    Stay healthy out there,
    -Capital Games
  3. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    The upcoming Galactic Legends Title Update will cause players who are currently using iOS 12.0 devices to be unable to log in. While this only impacts a very small number of players, we recommend that iOS 12 users upgrade to iOS 12.1 or above to resolve this login issue. This will not impact other iOS versions. We will be messaging affected players in game to remind them to upgrade as soon as possible.

    See you on the holotables!
  4. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Today we are exploring some of the most unique aspects of Galactic Legends Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and particular interactions that may trip you up when reading through the kit.

    [Developer Insight - Kit Reveal]

    The Basics:
    • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is one of the first two Galactic Legends to be released along with Rey.
    • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is primarily focused on dealing damage and increasing his strength over the course of an encounter, but he doesn’t care about keeping his squadmates alive throughout the battle.
    • His stats grow over time through a new effect called Siphon and can be very strong in longer encounters.
    • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren’s Galactic Ascension event, Heir to the Dark Side, takes you through Kylo’s story in The Rise of Skywalker up to the battle atop the wreckage of the Death Star. At this point in the story (and the part of Kylo’s journey that this unit represents), Kylo is still held by the Dark Side and is consumed by his goal of crowning himself the ruler of the galaxy.

    Unique Attributes:
    • Ultimate Ability: Depths of Rage - Supreme Leader Kylo Ren has multiple thresholds at which you can activate his Ultimate ability and provide 1, 2 or 3 turns of his Aggressive stance. While in this stance, Kylo is immune to damage and detrimental effects, he can't be defeated, his Siphon is doubled, and his abilities have no cooldowns. You’ll want to wait for the Ultimate to fully charge if you think your squad can weather the enemies’ attacks for a few more turns.
    • New Mechanic - Siphon Mastery - Siphon Mastery represents Kylo learning your techniques and fighting style over the course of the battle. The Siphon icon doesn't do anything on its own but it represents the percentage of stats stolen when used in conjunction with other abilities.
      • An ability that uses Siphon will specify which stat it will steal from an enemy unit. In the case of Kylo’s Special 2, Furious Onslaught, Kylo steals Mastery based on how many stacks of Siphon he has.
      • You will want to use Kylo’s Basic and Special 1 to gain stacks of Siphon and then use Special 2 to steal Mastery based on the number of those Siphon stacks.
      • To ensure that Kylo can Siphon Mastery even from units that don’t have Mastery, the amount of Mastery Kylo gains is based on his Mastery and Siphon stacks, and then the target loses the same amount that Kylo gained.
      • Note: Most characters have a base Mastery of 0 regardless of if they have their Relic unlocked. Mastery can go negative, and when it does, the stats that it affects for that particular character will be decreased rather than increased.
    • Galactic Legend Unique - This is a special Unique for both Galactic Legends that reduces damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects, causes them to take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses), and makes them immune to stun effects.
    • Galactic Legends will have high base stats when maxed out, including Speed

    • Despite not having many new Force moves in Episode IX, Kylo goes through considerable character development while retaining his signature aggressiveness.
    • We wanted to capture his straightforward nature in this kit along with his imposing presence and confidence.

    Strategy Tips:
    • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren can lead a wide variety of Dark Side teams as none of his abilities directly reference the First Order.
    • You’ll want characters that can synergize well with the extra Critical Damage and Advantage his kit provides but also units that can keep Kylo alive while he powers up.
    • One of the most decisive moments in a battle will be when you decide to use Kylo’s Ultimate. You really want to hold out as long as possible before using it - the later thresholds cause his aggressive stance to last longer, but each additional threshold requires less charge to reach than the previous one. This makes it far more efficient to use Depths of Rage at full charge (100 charge spent for 3 turns), but the ability can still be used earlier if desired (60 charge spent for 1 turn).

    Special Interactions:
    • Pay particularly close attention to his Unique 1, Press the Advantage, which encourages you to stay away from spamming Turn Meter effects on your team. However, you should use it sparingly as your squad can build up Max Health and Protection over the course of the battle.
    • Press the Advantage also allows Kylo to be immune to Taunt effects. This does not mean he ignores Taunt on the enemy squad; rather, he is immune to gaining Taunt, Marked and Deathmark status effects.
    • Siphon Mastery is useful against units without Mastery as Mastery can go negative, so even units without Relics are vulnerable to losing stats.
    • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren’s Leader ability, Supreme Leader, will allow Dark Side allies to regain Advantage whenever Advantage is removed without scoring a Critical Hit. Examples:
      • The buff is dispelled by another ability.
      • The buff expires when it reaches its max duration without being used.
      • The buff is consumed without scoring a Critical Hit (i.e. General Hux).
      • Note: Advantage is not removed when damaging units that have Critical Hit Immunity.

    Squad Suggestions:
    • There are many solid Dark Side squads for Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, but the most obvious synergy is with First Order units that can specifically interact with Advantage and Critical Hits.
    • General Hux, Sith Trooper, Kylo Ren (Unmasked) and First Order Stormtrooper make a fairly survivable team that can help Supreme Leader Kylo Ren achieve a strong start to finish the battle.
    • While General Hux's Max Health and Max Protection will be reduced when he gains bonus Turn Meter from Kylo's Leader ability due to Kylo's Unique, Press the Advantage, it's still incredibly useful to bring Hux in order to give Supreme Leader Kylo Ren bonus turns.
  5. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Today we are exploring some of the most unique aspects of Galactic Legends Rey and particular interactions that may trip you up when reading through the kit.

    [Developer Insight - Kit Reveal]

    The Basics:
    • Rey is one of the first two Galactic Legends to be released alongside Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
    • The character’s name is simply “Rey”. While during the movie there are other possible names we could have given her, throughout the trilogy she identifies mostly with the simpler name and we feel it is the most fitting for the character.
    • Rey can lead almost any light side squad but specifically synergizes with allies with Inspire (which can be applied by herself, Resistance Hero Poe and Resistance Hero Finn)
    • Her abilities target light side characters instead of a specific faction to create a better space for theory crafting
    • Rey’s kit is very flexible depending on the situation - she can sacrifice her health to provide her allies with a large amount of survivability or really dish out the damage if an ally is low on health.
    • While Supreme Leader Kylo Ren can ramp up to become very powerful over the course of a battle, Rey starts out strong and can use her Ultimate early or late in an encounter to great effect.

    Unique Attributes:
    • Ultimate Ability: Heir to the Jedi - Rey’s Ultimate can be used very effectively in both offensive and defensive situations. If you compare it to Supreme Leader Kylo’s Ultimate, which has more “kill potential,” Rey’s Ultimate not only deals damage but also counters many other high damage abilities. Enemy squads will need to play around her Ultimate much more than Kylo’s. We really want to create an interesting decision around when to use Rey’s Ultimate as there are benefits to using it early but it can be used to swing the battle in your favor if saved for the right moment.
      • Ultimate Abilities should be unique to the character and something that feels really special to use so we wanted to stay away from making Ultimate Abilities just another version of Annihilate.
    • Mastery Manipulation - Galactic Legends will usually have an ability that affects the squad’s mastery level. Rey provides her allies Mastery over time and at the start of battle, which improves stats based on each unit’s role (See here for more info on which stats are affected)
    • Excluding her Ultimate, which needs to charge up over the course of the battle, her abilities do not have any cooldowns but they are conditional. For example:
      • Special 1 - Lifeblood - Rey uses her health to protect her squad but it can't use this ability if she is at or below 25% Health at the start of her turn
      • Special 2 - Sudden Whirlwind - This ability can deal an enormous amount of damage but cannot be used unless Rey or any Light Side ally has dropped below 60% health since it was last used (this includes Rey).
    • Galactic Legends will have high base stats when maxed out, including Speed
    • Galactic Legend Unique- This is a special Unique for both Galactic Legends that reduces damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects, causes them to take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses), and is immune to stun effects.

    • This Rey primarily represents her journey through Episode IX and still hasn’t fully decided on her path. This isn’t the Rey you see at the end of the movie so she’s not “Rey Skywalker” quite yet and we wanted to keep the emphasis for this character on just being Rey (hence why her in-game name is Rey.)
    • Most of her abilities are directly inspired by scenes from The Rise of Skywalker.
    • So, why no Force Lightning? This was heavily discussed by the team and we came to this conclusion: This kit represents the core of her identity and not something she did unintentionally. Rey did not mean to use Force Lightning and it’s really not in line with the rest of the character’s personality. Even in the movie, it's supposed to be a “shocking” moment when she loses control and then completely regrets her actions.
    • Force healing is something that hasn’t been explored in the movies until recently and Lifeblood was created based on two scenes: when our heroes are trapped with the Vexis snake and when Rey heals Kylo.

    Strategy Tips:
    • Rey can lead numerous light side teams but the theme for her will be fairly consistent: Take damage to deal damage
    • Unlike Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Rey very much cares about keeping her allies around for the whole battle. Her Special 2 needs an ally to take damage to be used and that can be triggered by Rey losing health but it's much easier to trigger if there are more squadmates.
    • In terms of Mods - Rey primarily cares about Offensive as the Ultimate and Basic scale with Offense but you need a solid pool of health to keep her alive and using abilities. We found the best option was a delicate balance of both Offense and Health mods to keep her alive but still dealing significant damage.

    Special Interactions:
    • Rey’s Ultimate, Heir to the Jedi, deals damage in a unique way - The total damage dealt is fixed but it can be split among any number of targets which makes the ability not only a strong area effect attack but also great against a single target. Combined with the damage reduction her Ultimate ability also provides, it can be useful in most situations but still maintains an interesting choice: do you wait to hit one hit target really hard or should you prevent the most damage by using it while the enemy still has a full squad.
    • Rey increases her ally’s Mastery at the start and throughout a battle but characters without Relics will have 0 Mastery will NOTbenefit from her Leader Ability, Wisdom of the Sacred Texts
    • Special 2 - Sudden Whirlwind - deals triple Massive damage which is Massive damage dealt once but three times the amount. Note Massive Damage does: 99,999 so this does 299,997

    Squad Suggestions:
    • Rey performs well when paired with the new Resistance characters who are focused on Inspired but her broad kit leaves her many light side squad options
    • General Kenobi and Chewbacca - There was some confusion around why players should use General Kenobi and Chewie with Resistance Hero Finn. Inspired is removed on critical hit so Gen Ken’s Critical Hit Immunity is incredibly useful and don’t forget Chewie’s Guard also provides Crit Hit Immunity
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