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  1. Hi folks,

    Galaxy of Heroes is experiencing login problems with the latest version of Google Games (v 2020.06.19383). We are working closely with our partners at Google to solve this issue as soon as possible. As a temporary solution, please do not update the Google Games app if you are at version 2020.04.18184

    We will update you as soon as we have a solution and more information. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We’re excited to begin sharing details about the next feature coming to the holotables in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Galactic Challenges.

    Our main goal for this feature is to provide more activities for players each day. We hear players asking for more ways to use their growing roster of units and want more than just new events that you can master quickly or sim. Galactic Challenges are the first in a series of features (similar to how Grand Arena was the basis for Grand Arena Championships) that will work together to offer new ways to utilize your collection.

    What are Galactic Challenges:
    Galactic Challenges are a new type of event that will feature interesting combat puzzles which will change on a regular basis. These events will feature a rotation of different enemy factions, allowing you to test out different parts of your collection. What makes Galactic Challenges an interesting twist from other forms of combat is the introduction of randomly selected combat modifiers to constantly change up the puzzle. Modifiers can come in 3 different forms: Environmental, Enemy, and Player.

    We want to keep these bonuses and match ups thematic, but use a variety of options to keep the challenges unique and interesting. For example, Environmental modifiers come from the planet or location and apply to both the player and enemy (e.g. Hoth could have a modifier called Frost Bite that makes all units more vulnerable). Enemy modifiers are tied to the enemy faction, so Imperial Troopers could have a positive modifier called Imperial Assault that gives them offense up, but also a negative modifier called Pew Pew which makes them hit less. Player modifiers can also be positive or negative and applied to the player’s units. The different environments, enemy factions and combat modifiers (positive and negative) combine to create fresh and interesting challenges.

    The Challenge in Galactic Challenges:
    We’re still working out some of the details (like at what level Galactic Challenges unlock), but our intention is for Galactic Challenges to offer an appropriate challenge for you wherever you are in the game. There will be multiple tiers of increasing difficulty and players can attempt them all to earn rewards, but we’ll recommend a starting tier based on your collection.

    In addition to playing the base mission for the tier, each tier may feature Feats. Feats will add an additional layer of complexity to the puzzle, so while you can bring your favorite squad into battle, Feats will challenge you to complete the battle with additional conditions to earn more rewards.

    Schedule for Galactic Challenges:
    You’ll earn access to the Galactic Challenges by completing Daily Activities. Once you’ve qualified to enter the event for the day, you’ll be able to play any tier - and importantly, you’ll be able to play as many times as you like for that day to attempt to complete as many Tiers and Feats as possible.

    Similar to Grand Arena Championships, we’ll release Galactic Challenges in an Exhibition Season format. During this time, we’ll try out different versions of the event and see which combinations work best - but we’re currently envisioning event durations of 24 hours to 7 days with 7 tiers of difficulty and 3 feats per tier.

    That’s all we have for today, but we look forward to sharing more details about Galactic Challenges in future posts!
  3. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We are aware of an recent strategy pertaining to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren in which Fives gains an advantage due to an unintended interaction with Kylo’s AI. We are currently investigating the issue and are likely to take action in the near future to address the outcome of battles between Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and Fives.

    Thank you from all of us here at Capital Games for your continued support. We are appreciative of your enthusiasm and dedication to our game.
  4. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for July.

    Daily Login Character for July: Clone Wars Chewbacca

    NOTE: Many legendary/journey events were changed from a monthly cadence to run all the time and will no longer be included in the monthly calendar.
    Read this post for more information.

    Updated Grand Arena Season 9 dates to start 7/20 instead of 7/13
  5. [Developer Insight - Kit Update]

    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    As a belated Father’s Day present we are releasing an update to Darth Vader’s Kit! It has been quite a while since we have updated this kit and while he has been a powerhouse in the past, it’s a good time to bring him up to snuff with a new ability, Merciless Massacre.

    The Basics:
    • Darth Vader has a new ability added to his kit, Merciless Massacre, which allows him to take an extra turn whenever he attacks an enemy with Merciless Target
    • In combination with his updated Unique that now dispels Stealth, Merciless gives Vader the ability temporarily to ignore Taunt and attack the entire team almost every time you use Merciless Massacre

    • Why yes, it IS an attempt in our game to replicate the Rogue One hallway moment

    Strategy Tips:
    • You have full access to all of Vader's abilities during Merciless, but still need to respect their cooldowns
    • Darth Vader is taking extra turns with this ability, so cooldowns are being reduced and you'll be able to cycle back around to abilities if you play your cards right - Think about who you want to be your target as you use each ability
    • This ability becomes less effective the fewer enemies you are facing, so it is best to use it as your opening, or second move
    • Vader can still be counterattacked so pay close attention to units that have this ability

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