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  1. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Here are some fixes for you this fine midweek update! **Tips cap**

    • Resolved a situation in which Death Trooper would become immortal under certain circumstances
    • Corrected expiration dates for Datacron Sets to avoid overlapping GAC
    • Fixed an issue where the Sector 4 mini-boss would only have 3 stacks of Never-ending Ranks instead of 5
    • Updating Hondo's Unique 2 description to match his gameplay statistical gains
    • Hard Mode Sector 2 boss now requires the correct number of energy
    • Fixed an issue where defeated units can revive in a weird pose in the Sector 2 Boss Battle
    • Caustic Reorruence disk now only triggers once per turn per enemy
      - “When a debuff on an enemy expires, they gain Damage Over Time for 2 turns, which can't be resisted or evaded (limit once per turn).”
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  2. Whats up Holotable Heroes,

    Today around 12:15 PT we will be deploying a hotfix for Master's Training Feat in Conquest.

    The Fix will change the Feat required to 1, so for those of you who were reset, you will need to go in and complete the feat 1 time.

    Once complete, do another battle after that and you will be rewarded.
  3. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    It's an accelerated kinda week!

    • Kyle Katarn has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.
    • Dash Rendar has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.
    • Boushh (Leia Organa)'s shards are now farmable from Dark Side 2-C (Hard). They replace Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) character shards, which can still be farmed from Cantina Battles 1-C.
    • 0-0-0 is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
    • BT-1 is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
    • Scythe Kit Reveal: See this post for more details
    • The Hyperdrive sale will be back on sale (50% off) on Nov 16 to celebrate the upcoming SWGOH 7th Anniversary.

      If you have purchased the Hyperdrive bundle in the next 7 days (November 9th - November 16th), you will receive the difference between the prices in Crystals at a later date.

    • Fixed an issue where PVE Starfortress in GCs didn't have the proper skills
    • Fixed an issue where Sun Fac's ship wasn't counting Taunts properly for feats
    • Greef Karga will now correctly give Krrsantan and Boushh Tenacity Up and 50% turn meter from his Special ability, "Sweeten the Deal", if their contracts are completed. He has sweetened the deal, pray he does not sweeten it any further (too much sugar is probably bad for Krrsantan's heart).
    • Fixed a bug where Han's Millennium Falcon's unique would not dispel the debuffs applied from Profundity's special upon reaching 3+ debuffs
    • Fixed a bug where Luminara Unduli's Omicron on Master Healer's Blessing had the incorrect cooldown
    • Galactic Challenges: Fixed issue with the Takodana modifier, "Safe Haven", where hitting a revived character could result in two instances of Deathmark being applied.
    • Galactic Challenges: Updated Takodana description to better clarify function (this does not change how the modifier works, only the way it is described).
    • Fixed an issue where Jabba the Hutt was bad at counting and would not always provide the 7% bonus Turn Meter when an enemy gained Turn Meter in encounters beyond the first.
    • Conquest feat Noxious Fumes now references the correct feat
    • Han's Millennium Falcon's Basic ability of Special Modifications is now clarified to require the Rebel capital ship also be active on the battlefield for full effect.
    • Sector feat "Into Exile, I Must Go" now properly tracks Master's Training
    • Fixed a bug that did not give the full payout of the Galactic Challenge Bounty Hunter modifier to Jabba
    Special Deals and Bonus Crystals on the WEBSTORE
  4. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Mini Update today.


    • Corrected an issue where Ben Solo's Family Legacy wasn't correctly dealing true damage to all enemies if he met the start of battle conditions
    • Fixed an issue where a Rebel Support Cargo Ship under a Profundity lead could deal its bonus true damage to target enemy if it received damage from concussion mines
    • Corrected requirements strings for Separatist Might phases 3 and 4 to say "Dark Side"

    Known Issues
    • Description of the effects of SLKR and Krrsantan does not match the documentation
    • The feat "Noxious Fumes" incorrectly says that "I Will Protect You" gives the data disk Caustic Recourance. The feat that gives Caustic Recourance is "A New Hope"

    Special Deals and Bonus Crystals on the WEBSTORE
  5. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Just a couple of unhinged droids hitting the Holotable.

    Watch your back.

    • BT-1 + 0-0-0 have arrived! Marquee hitting tomorrow!
    • Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian)'s shards are now farmable from Light Side 3-B (Hard). They replace IG-11 shards, which can now be farmed from Light Side 3-E (Hard) alongside Greef Karga shards!

    If you don't click this link, the Droids will attack you <<PRESS ME, DO IT NOW>>

    • TEXT - Updated Hondo's Unique description to reflect that he would gain bonus protection from out of turn attacks (not just assists)

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